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Endra is currently split into twelve nations but until 600 years ago it was entirely under the control of the 3rd Elven Empire. The 3rd Empire had built an alliance with the Dragons of Osh which enabled the Empire to expand it’s reach to cover the continent and with the Expansion came a swelling of arcane power as the dragons reputedly passed on their knowledge to the High Elves. The Dragons gifted a new race of purpose built warriors, the Dragonborn to the Elves for guarding their Emperor.

For over 5000 years, the 3rd Empire ruled, valuing art, skill and magic. Then, 621 years ago, at the behest of their creators, the Dragonborn turned on their Elven masters, overthrew the Grand Palace and slaughtered the Emperor.

In the 600 years since, a 4th Empire has grown but it remains locked away behind the ancient boundaries of Elaneth in the far south of the continent. The rest of Endra, abandoned by the Empire and left with little arcane energy, has in many ways reverted to pre-Expansion politics. The remaining races have struggled to rebuild and many areas of the continent are shadows of their former selves. The Dragonborn, disowned by their creators and shunned by the other mortal races, haven’t been seen since. The Dragons settled across Endra bringing fear everywhere they are encountered.

The Great Descent

Five years ago, a mighty storm tore through the sky all across Elsier – crashing lightning, booming thunder and wild tornado-strength winds ripped across land and sea alike. Many reported seeing red and purple lights flashing through the clouds and the ground shook for minutes on end. By morning it was found that most of the gods had descended from the Astral Sea to the mortal world. The reasons for their descent remain unknown to mortals who, in the presence of religious representatives call it The Great Descent but more commonly refer to it as The Fall.

Since the Fall, the world has begun to manifest magic in new ways. Creatures not known outside of old fairy tales have been seen wandering the world, areas of the land barren for generations have turned verdant and perhaps more importantly, races which were always thought to be magically inert (dwarves, orcs and halflings) have started to show signs of being able to manipulate magic. Many of those in the world have picked up strange magical abilities since the night of the Fall. The effect on high elves, who for all of recorded history have been the only powerful magic users in Elsier, is not known as the Empire has been closed to outsiders since the end of the 3rd Emperor’s reign.

Campaign Rule: Fallen Magic

At 1st level, unless you decide otherwise, your character gains the Fallen Magic feat. The feat is free and has no prerequisites. The Fallen Magic feat grants you one of the special traits or abilities below – either your choice or you can roll. Abilities that duplicate spells are cast at your level and no two characters in the party can have the same trait or ability. Here’s another catch – There are things in the campaign that profoundly affect those “touched” by Fallen magic. You won’t know what they are until they occur, and these “events” could prove detrimental to your character’s well being depending on the situation and circumstances. If you choose not to take the Fallen Magic feat your character will not be susceptible to these occurrences.

Roll Fallen Magic Trait or Ability (choose one)
01-04 You can cast detect magic (as the spell) at will
05-08 You can cast feather fall (as the spell; self only) at will
09-12 You are never surprised
13-16 You can cast barkskin (as the spell; self only) at will
17-20 You can cast animal friendship (as the spell) at will
21-24 You can cast animal messenger (as the spell) at will
25-28 You can cast telekinesis (as the spell; objects only) at will
29-32 You can cast tree stride (as the spell) once per day
33-36 You can cast disguise self (as the spell) at will
37-40 You can cast speak with plants (as the spell) at will
41-44 You are immune to cold or fire (choose one)
45-48 You are immune to lightning and can cast shocking grasp (as the spell) at will
49-52 You can cast dimension door (as the spell; self only) once per day
53-56 You can cast pass without trace and water walk (as the spell; self only) at will
57-60 You can cast dispel magic (as the spell) at will
61-64 You can cast freedom of movement (as the spell; self only) at will
65-68 You can cast charm person (as the spell) at will
69-72 You can cast spider climb (as the spell) at will
73-76 You can cast knock (as the spell) at will
77-80 You can cast identify (as the spell) at will
81-84 You can cast jump (as the spell) at will
85-88 You can cast speak with animals (as the spell) at will
89-92 You can cast longstrider (as the spell; self only) at will
93-96 You can cast invisibility (as the spell; self only) at will
97-00 You can cast insect plague (as the spell) once per day

Campaign Guide

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